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Goods available now are diamond, sapphire and Amethyst but it’s possible for gold to be available after one week on command, depending on the quantity that the buyer want.

We are not limited to the above stock , we are able to supply you with all kinds of precious stones (Rough Gemstone) depending on what our Customers need. we have partners in other neighboring African Countries like Central Africa Republic, Sierra Leone, Liberia.

Cutting and polishing of stones offered by the company

Refined, cut and polished stones



Upcoming Event

Rebikmines is offering trainings on gold refining, gem cutting & polishing and jewelry designing and production. you will have a possibility to work in Rebikmines gold refinery, lapidary and jewelry production in Dubai. cameroon and other central African countries don’t have any lapidarist or any gold refinery yet so Rebikmines is bringing in trainers from Indian and Thailand to train people in these domains.


which countires do we operate in?

Our countries of operation include Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Dubai and Cameroon

what we do

Our activities extends from Exploration to Exploitation of different types of minerals to Environmental Rehabilitation to Production and Commercialization of precious stones.

do we refine precious stones into usable products?


Which precious stones do we deal with?

Diamond, Sapphire, Gold and many more. 

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