About Us

About the company

REBIK MINES is a mining company that is into Exploration, Exploitation, Rehabilitation, Gem Analysing, Refinery Services, Cutting and Polishing of Stones, Production and Commercialization of Precious Minerals. With collectors located in the North Region for Gold and Sapphire, East Region for Gold and Diamond, South Region for Gold and Iron. And other areas such as Ezeka, Yokadouma, Akonolinga, Poli, Kette, Gbetti. We are dedicated to being a truly representative Cameroonian organisation.

We are a Cameroonian based company, with headquarters in the nations capital, Yaounde. And we are not limited to Cameroon only even as we extend to United Arab Emirates(UAE), Dubai to be precise.

The C.E.O. of REBIK MINES, Mrs Relindis Charles, a dynamic, savvy business woman, has set the benchmark for transformation to contribute towards the achievement of government accelerated growth initiatives within the framework of the mining industry. We believe that good corporate governance adds value to us. We work in close collaboration with well recognised organisations in Cameroon, National Mining Company (Sonamines) and the KIMBERLEY PROCESSING OFFICE. Apart from the Kimberley Processing Office, our board is made up of competent and experienced staff.


REBIK MINES is actively engaged in the welfare of the local communities living in the areas where it operates. We have as vision to support and contribute to education and infrastructures and we prioritize the local population when employing staff.


Our long-term goal is to become a leading sustainable and efficient medium sized gold and mineral producer in a low Rough Gemstone price environment. We hope to achieve this by improving on our efficiency and creating value for our investors while minimizing risks related to exploration, mining and processing of our mineral resources.
Our primary focus is on rough gold, rough diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, Aquamarine etc. With partners in other African Countries like Sierra Leone, we can provide all type of gemstones to meet the needs of our clients.


Respect: We are committed to providing a working environment free from discrimination and harassment in all our activities. We act and treat each other with dignity and respect. We believe that employees who are treated with respect have a higher level of professional performance. All our employees are given equal opportunities for career development, even as we reward and encourage team work. Integrity: The success of REBIK MINES is dependent on trust and support from all stakeholders, including investors, collectors, employees, suppliers and the government. We are therefore committed to the highest standards of integrity for stressless sustainability. We have a zero tolerance for corruption and aim to achieve the highest level of transparency in our dealings. Responsible mining is a central issue in our company. We are not oblivious of environmental risks. The majority of the company’s activities are carried out in areas which are sensitive to the impact of mining operations. REBIK MINES understands that there are people living close to our operation sites and therefore apply appropriate measures to minimize any negative impact on the environment. We focus on adopting innovative technologies and continuously optimizing resource utilization reducing waste production to minimum levels.


For the growth and sustainability of the company will rely on the following strategies:

  1.  Short term: we focus on reducing costs and increasing production of our existing assets to full capacity.

  2.  Medium term: continuing exploration at existing properties to expand resources, extend mine lives as well as construct and place new mines into production.

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